Please Note, some of our events menu items are catered to children. So you will find our burgers are plain with your choice of condiments and our fries may need additional salt.

Packaged Condiments are :Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Mayo, BBQ, Sweat and Sour, Franks Hot Sauce, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Marinara Sauce, Chipotle.


Our Catered menu items are geared differently, you will find more options for your burgers and more items to choose from. For more details Click Here


MEALS come with a side and drink, you can pick your sides. Kids meals are fixed with fries and 12oz drink.

SINGLES- Can be ordered separately or enjoy it with a meal.

SIDES- can be ordered separate or enjoy it with a meal.

DRINKS  Pop are 21oz , Lemon Aid / Slush Puppy come in 3 sizes  12oz, 16oz and 22oz

DESSERTS- Our Ice Cream is Lactose, Cholesterol, Trans Fat and Gluten free. Dole Ice Cream is Dairy and Cholesterol, and Gluten free. Enjoy our movie style Pop Corn, Floats, Screamers and more.

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To Tip, or Not to Tip?

We understand “TIPS” is a personal thing; When to Tip? How to Tip? and even How much to Tip? When it comes to us, we feel it is a personal choice. We are just happy to be at these great events, seeing you all.

You will notice our debit machine has a “TIP” option. This is because we have been asked by so many Credit and Debit card holds to have this option.

For our Machine:

If you want to give a tip great, and if not, just simply click “OK” twice.

Fun Food Facts:

Here are some fun food facts,

What does ‘Dorito’ actually mean? 2. What was the first food eaten in space? 3. Where were French Fries invented? Can you answer these questions?


3.Belgium, 2.Apple Sauce, 1. It’s Spanish for ‘little golden things’  For more click the button below