Due to the raise in food and fuel costs, our prices will vary from what is seen on this page.

Looking for a fun way to add to your event?

Did you know Iconic Carz Entertainment has a Open Air Concept Photo Booth, Rents TV Show Cars and teams up with Cosplayers?

Here are come links you might find useful.

Iconic Carz- Entertainment       Iconic Carz- Signs and Apparelz

Photo Booth

The way it works for School Events, Weddings and Some Birthdays.

There is a $250 setup fee and $2.50 per km charge ( from Port Coquitlam to your event ) then we require a $400 guarantee to cover perishable goods.

Because of our ability to accommodate large crowds and variety of food, our setup is on average $700.00

Generally for School events this is not a problem and for catered events ( Corp, Weddings, Birthdays) we give a fixed price.

For Cancellations: If we are onsite/or 4 days prior to the event , we will require setup fee and guarantee cost (all perishable foods are ordered 4-5 prior to your event). If you event is cancelled and reschedules for a later date, and we have prior notice ( and depending on the menu) you will be charged a $400 fee to cover perishable items.

for more question please send us an e-mail to:  info@funfoodjunkies.com

To Tip, or Not to Tip?

We understand “TIPS” is a personal thing; When to Tip? How to Tip? and even How much to Tip? When it comes to us, we feel it is a personal choice. We are just happy to be at these great events, seeing you all.

You will notice our debit machine has a “TIP” option. This is because we have been asked by so many Credit and Debit card holds to have this option.

For our Machine:

If you want to give a tip great, and if not, just simply click “OK” twice.

Fun Food Facts:

Here are some fun food facts,

What does ‘Dorito’ actually mean? 2. What was the first food eaten in space? 3. Where were French Fries invented? Can you answer these questions?


3.Belgium, 2.Apple Sauce, 1. It’s Spanish for ‘little golden things’  For more click the button below