Due to the raise in food and fuel costs, our prices will vary from what is seen on this page.

The way it works for School Events, Weddings and Some Birthdays.

There is a $250 setup fee and $2.50 per km charge ( from Port Coquitlam to your event ) then we require a $300 guarantee to cover perishable goods.

If the event is a success and they generally are, you will not be charged the $300.  Should the event be rained out, shut down unexpectedly then we will be charging the $300 extra

for more question please send us an e-mail to:  info@funfoodjunkies.com

Fun Food Facts:

Here are some fun food facts,

What does ‘Dorito’ actually mean? 2. What was the first food eaten in space? 3. Where were French Fries invented? Can you answer these questions?


3.Belgium, 2.Apple Sauce, 1. It’s Spanish for ‘little golden things’  For more click the button below