About Fun Food Junkies

Fun Food Junkies was started during the 2020-21 pandemic.  In early 2020, Iconic Carz Entertainment was offering a few food items at our events. This was a hit, and people enjoyed being able to have their food cravings met and kept them engaged in our events. When everything shut down, it gave us time to regroup.

The idea came about when my best friend joked about another trailer to haul all the food stuff. It was becoming quite an ordeal to load all the stuff in and out of the one main trailer and was time consuming, especially with my wish to have more offerings.

I liked the idea of another trailer, but if it could be more than just the few items we had. After looking at food trailers around, the question was what to do? I didn’t want to specialize in a food that would appeal mainly to adults. As parents, we knew the struggle of making everyone happy with food offerings at events. It would end up with all of us spending time in different line ups and by the time everyone had what they wanted, the kids were tired and wanted to go home. We hadn’t even experienced much of the event!
What if we created a food trailer that catered to families? A one stop food trailer that had all the favourites like chicken strips, fries, hot dogs, mini donuts and ice cream. Now, we were getting somewhere! Next question; how do we deliver top quality and not just corner store novelties?

With the unfortunate closing of so many great restaurants during the pandemic, lots of equipment was coming up for sale. This gave us the opportunity to load our trailer with the best equipment at lower prices. Digitally controlled deep fryers and high end commercial equipment allow us to offer a wide variety of food items that is not normally seen in one trailer. Now we can give families the one stop food solution and reduce the hours in line at events.

We tossed around a few names, trying to keep with the car theme while keeping it family friendly. Being a fan of junk foods and loving the concept of the drive thru windows, I just had to name our food trailer Fun Food Junkies.

Due to dietary and health needs, we also wanted to make sure members of our own family and community have options. Separate deep fryers and steamers allow us to offer vegan options, and lactose-free ice cream in a commercial machine means those with intolerances can still enjoy the creamy style goodness. We use the same suppliers as many restaurants and food shops do, doing our best to offer fresh, tasty food items prepared in well cared for equipment. We think you can taste the difference!

Fun Food Junkies is a division of Iconic Carz Ltd. Iconic Carz has been making a difference in our community since 2013 by being a quality, reliable sign and apparels shop, as well as through our fundraising events.